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SKUNK Token (SKUWWF) is a revolutionary new community driven BINANCE (BNB) paired charity token that is supported by the 
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20

SKUNK Token's primary utility is to spread awareness of the need to help our planet and the creatures that live on it and also to raise daily charitable funds, which will go directly to the World Wildlife Fund.

5% of each transaction is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the charity wallet in Binance Coin (BNB) and once monthly, the wallet will be emptied and the proceeds sent to The World Wildlife Fund , the wallet is transparent and available to the public for viewing at anytime.

As the charity wallet is a BNB wallet, the monthly donation will not effect Skunk Tokens value.


Earn passive rewards by simply holding (HODL) your SKUNK Token! 
You will be earning while helping a great cause!
Reflections are instantly added to your wallet with every purchase and sale of Skunk Token!
You can use your earnings from Skunk Token to purchase just about anything you desire as Skunk Token is a recognized crypto currency found on the BSC smart chain and therefore is tradeable for Binance Coin (BNB)

Imagine, by simply holding your tokens in your wallet, you will see your potential profits increase with every purchase of Skunk Token made worldwide!

You can cash out your Skunk Token for profits at any time, 24/7 !
Our goal is to make our holders earnings grow and also to get our holders to participate in our WWF sponsored fund raising events and plans on bettering our future planet!

Skunk Token's head office is located in Ontario, Canada, with plans on opening a U.S.A. office in the near future! Discussions for the U.S.A. office are already underway!

Please visit our Twitter Account for updates and also don't forget to follow our page to keep updated on the latest events.
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